Care & Maintenance

The OGOcase protective case is designed to continuously protect your CGM. To keep everything in good working order, please review and follow the guidelines below. 

Check O-Ring Seal & Soft-Touch Button

  • Make sure the o-ring is in place and free of dust, dirt, hair, and debris.
  • You might notice that the seal is a little damp. This is completely normal. We added a small amount of lubricant to the o-ring seal so it’s easier to open and close your OGOcase.
  • If the seal becomes dirty, rinse it in warm water, shake it off, and reinstall.
  • The case seals tightly and can be difficult to open. That’s by design, as it helps ensure a watertight seal. We engineered a small gap to the side of the clasp where you can insert a dime or nickel to pry open the OGOcase. If you still have a hard time opening it, apply a tiny amount of mineral oil or petroleum jelly to the seal with your finger or a cotton swab.


  • Don’t expose your OGOcase to extreme heat or leave it in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This could potentially damage the case and the device inside.
  • Don’t use sharp items (e.g., knife, screwdriver) to pry open the OGOcase. This could harm your case, your CGM, and even yourself.

Care & Maintenance

  • Keep o-rings, covers, seals and/or gaskets clean. 
  • Rinse your OGOcase with fresh water after exposure to soap, chlorine, or seawater. 
  • After major impacts, inspect your case for damage and make sure it’s free from cracks or chips. Inspect the o-ring and soft-touch button for damage. If the o-ring is damaged, replace it with the backup o-ring provided. If you don’t have the backup o-ring anymore, contact us to order another.

Important Notice

Even though all OGOcase products are tested to meet stated claims, your device can still be damaged. It’s your responsibility to take reasonable precautions when you use your device. If you expose your device to hazards, it’s at your own risk.