Based in Canada, OGOcase specializes in protective cases for personal diabetes equipment such as continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps. Our goal is to make life easier for people with diabetes by protecting the equipment they use every day.


What’s the OGOcase?

All over the world, people with diabetes use portable medical devices in their daily lives. These expensive and vitally important devices are often at risk of damage.

After almost two years and over a dozen different designs, we've developed the perfect hybrid of function and form: the OGOcase. This functional, affordable protective case uses a hard polycarbonate shell combined with a soft-touch rubber button so you can interact with your device without the risk of damage.

Who’s the guy behind OGOcase?

Kerry Elliott, the creator of the OGOcase, has lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 30 years. He enjoys mountain biking and is an active member of the Canadian Ski Patrol, but he especially loves any sport he can do in the water. Before he created the OGOcase, Kerry struggled to keep his Dexcom safe from water, snow, mud, and the occasional (and sometimes hard) wipeout.

Kerry thought up the OGOcase while he was enjoying water sports on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. He had no way of bringing his Dexcom with him out on the water, which meant leaving it on the beach and out of range. It was then and there that he decided to develop a protective case for the Dexcom so that it would never have to be left behind again, regardless of what he was doing.



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